What Is The Difference Between COVID-19 And Malaria ?…Raymond Dokpesi

Founder/Chairman African Independent Television/Raypower, Alegho Raymond Dokpesi

Founder/Chairman African Independent Television/Raypower, Alegho Raymond Dokpesi, has asked a rhetorical question about the two infectious diseases that is ravaging  in the whole wild world. He asked of the difference between Malaria and the Epidemic Covid-19. He ask the question shortly after he was discharged from treatment/Isolation Center in Abuja, May 14, 2020. He has some questions based on personal experience while fighting the virus, He said he is a bloody Mechanic. Dokpesi said the drug they were given are malaria drugs.

“I have doubts in my mind. I want to be properly educated. I am a bloody mechanic. “What is the difference between COVID-19, which is a virus, and malaria which is from mosquitoes?  “Because every medication we were given was malaria medication.  “Before some people were told they were COVID-19 positive, they were tested in reputable laboratories, they were tested in hospitals in Abuja, what they found was that they had a lot of malaria parasites in the blood.

“So when did malaria become COVID-19? Dokpesi was diagnosed with the Corona Virus and has now beaten the disease and declared COVID-19 free by the health officials who said he had it, quarantined and treated him .


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