Ighodalo Preaches At Funeral Hours After Wife’s Demise


Grieving Senior Pastor of Trinity House Church, Pastor Ituah Ighodalo, preached on Sunday at a funeral hours after the demise of his wife, Ibidun.
The ex-beauty Queen died around 2am on Sunday in Port-Harcourt where she was on an official engagement.

But despite his personal grief, Ighodalo proceeded to deliver a short brief at the funeral of 25-year-old son of Biola Okoya, Adedeji.
In a composed but emotional tone, the bereaved cleric said: “Everywhere tensed, confused frightening and disturbing but here we are today.“I mean if they had told us last week that we would be here to celebrating Ayodeji’s life, I would say it’s not possible. He was ill, no doubt! But, we were believing God that he would be well.

“But, here we are right now and there he is and of course a lot of you know that I really shouldn’t be here but that’s how life is.”
On his deceased wife, he said: “2 o’clock this morning, I received a news that shattered my life but life must go on and here we are today. So, I have just come to speak to us very peacefully on something I have called Life. Life! Life! Life!
“Life is a deep mystery. There’s no one human being no matter how wise they are like Solomon who can say to you that they fully understand life.


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