Keeping Okwaraji Mothers’ Death Secret Suspicious – Fashanu


Former England striker, John Fashanu, has said keeping the death of legendary Samuel Okwaraji mothers’ death an initial secret by the family is worrisome.

The mother of the late Nigerian football legend, Janet died at the age of 83 on May 23, but the death of the matriarch of the Okwaraji family was not made public until June 8, when her eldest son, Patrick, confirmed the death to newsmen.
The Nigeria Football Federation on Tuesday issued a statement that the family had informed the federation of her death.

Fashanu said that Mrs Okwaraji’s death shouldn’t have been kept away from Nigerians and the NFF.
He said, “Let’s make it very clear, I am not a doctor, but for someone who admired the player (Samuel Okwaraji) and knew him very well, I would say there was something going wrong somewhere.

“Whether it is as a result of being abandoned, I don’t know because it is very difficult, but for the family to have had to keep it a secret from the Nigeria Football Federation, that raises a red flag.

“Okwaraji was a celebrated football star, a legend, and his family deserve to be honoured.
“Everybody will pass away some time. When I pass away I wouldn’t be very happy if my family kept it quiet from my fans, my followers, from people who loved me, and people who helped me, I wouldn’t like that at all.

“I am not saying there was anything wrong or suspicious but they have made it more suspicious and the red flags are up. If I was in that position it is something that people would be investigating.”


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