Eyitayo Jegede: The Story Of A Faithful Partyman


By Oyewale Oyelola

Eyitayo Jegede, Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), a good brand for himself and a legal luminary of high network, technocrat, consistent philanthropist and Community Development Agent.

Eyitayo Jegede is fondly called EYI by his teeming supporters across the 18 local government areas of Ondo State. The people’s love for Jegede is beyond political affiliation but a product of pedigree that brew excellence, character filled with honesty and truthfulness, and purposeful leadership committed to the growth of his supporters.
Jegede was appointed by the former governor, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko, after he was announced the winner of the 2007 governor election in Ondo state by the Court of Appeal in Benin City in 2009.  The Akure born politician stay loyal to ideals and principles of Ondo First Agenda throughout his days as the State Commissioner of Justice and Attorney General.

It’s worthy of note that his experience in practice of law profession, skills, network, tactfulness, good human relationship management, honesty and professionalism earned him position of Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice in Ondo State for uninterrupted eight years.

The people of Sunshine State still appreciate the meritorious service of Jegede and his landmark achievements in the State Judiciary and even beyond as he led Conference of States Attorney Generals of the Federation for many years.

He deployed diplomacy and tact to resolve some conflicts of interest between Federal Government and States of the Federation to the admiration of Nigeria’s President and Governors. He usually prioritize National Interest without compromising the autonomy of States. Eyitayo Jegede is the master in the art of securing win-win deals.

Jegede as a professional in Politics, he known to be a dedicated, committed, loyal, responsible and responsive party man. His consistent earned him electorate’s support during 2016 governorship election as the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). He enjoys large followership across the state and always treat his supporters with respect as well as dignity.

He has remain faithful to the ideals, principles and core value of PDP which aims at building a modern democratic state, founded on Justice, Equity and Fair play.

Jegede in with the party’s ideal believes that seeking political power should be avenue to  promote the security, safety, welfare, and well-being of the people through provision of good governance that ensures probity and participatory democracy.

Hence, despite the unpalatable activities of in-house detractors that denied Jegede the opportunity to vigorous campaign in build up to 2016 Ondo State governorship election, he remains steadfast and faithful to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

He has warmed himself to the heart party leadership within and outside the state, stakeholders and members as a result of his dedication, commitment, faithfulness, tolerance and discipline.

Eyitayo Jegede remains one of the major financiers of Ondo PDP structure from ward to State levels despite not holding any political office. He has been oiling and energizing party structure in the state and making it a bride for decampees from other political parties.

He supported all PDP candidates during 2019 general elections resulting to the victory of the party at Presidential election in Ondo State, even with a sitting APC governors. His support also earned PDP two senators, three House of Representatives members and some State lawmakers.

Jegede is a believer of party supremacy and also accord party executive members as well as leaders deserving respect. The Omoluabi culture and humility endeared him to the PDP leaders and stakeholders. He has shown high level of respect, honor and regard for party leadership from his ward to the state levels. The former commissioner is simply the definition of a real partyman.

Another reason Jegede is enjoying support of Ondo PDP Stakeholders is his straight deal, openness and uncompromising stance for ideals of the party.

Jegede as a legal practitioner and professional colleague of incumbent Governor of the state, he has maintained professional relationship with the governor and not jeopardizing the interest of the party or engaging in anti-party activities to get favor from the State Government. Jegede is indeed a faithful party stalwart.

Furthermore, Eyitayo Jegede is not like other politicians who jump at every political opportunity or position for survival. The Akure Politician has secured good placements for party faithful using his contacts and network. Imagine if Jegede decided to run for Senate during 2019 general elections, may be the unity and brotherliness spirit among stakeholders would have been quenched. Jegede is keeping his eyes on the ball and working tireless to return PDP to Alagbaka Government House at Ondo 2020 governorship election.

It’s therefore not surprising that party elders, leaders, stakeholders and members across the state are rooting for Jegede’s candidacy in the forthcoming PDP primaries for October 16 governorship election. They all trust the rave of the moment in Ondo politics to lead the party to Alagbaka Government House. Eyitayo Jegede is still the rightman for job. Jegede’s candidacy is a win-win deal for party leaders, elders, stakeholders, members, and even the good people of Ondo state.

In conclusion, the Akure born politician has the political sagacity, network, resources and logistics to defeat ruling party in the state and bring back an all inclusive administration, when elected as Ondo State Governor.

EYI is leading us to Government House! ISEOLUWA is unstoppable!!Eyitayo Jegede 2020 is the movement for advancement of Ondo State!!!


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