Which Of These Shows On GOtv Best Describe You?


There is always going to be a movie or show we can relate to. This is why this week we want you to find at least two or more content suited for you. So, go ahead and take a look below and select the shows that will make you say out loud: ‘THIS IS ME!’.

Do you have completely different views from your significant other?
Watch out for Zara’s Nikah on Zee World (channel 25) Daily at 7pm. Zara and Kabeer are both followers of Islam but have totally opposite principles and belief. They get married but face a series of obstacles in their life.

Are you a very curious person? Do you find yourself frequently asking “how”, “why” “what”, “where” and “when”?
Through The Wormhole With Morgan Freeman S5 premieres on Mondays & Tuesdays at 4:40pm on Discovery Family (channel 50). Are time and space the same thing? And did the Big Bang start the cosmic clock? Is time itself and illusion? Incredible new experiments may hold the answer.

Will you choose local programmes to international shows any day, anytime?
Local to the core! Entrapped S1 is showing on ROK 3 (channel) Mondays to Thursdays at 8pm. This series is about an ambitious politician who has a skeleton in his closet, which he tries to keep hidden but with each attempt he inadvertently dredges up more hidden secrets.

Does cooking make you happy?
Well, Smoked S1 is on Real Time (Channel 12) Weekdays at 9am. Three BBQ & grilling challenges will determine who will stand tall, and who will get smoked!

Have you ever dreamt of being a spy? Or wondered what it felt like?
Killing Eve is back with Second season! Catch it of FOX (channel 19) Wednesdays at 7:45pm. Find out how the pursuit for Villanelle goes.

Do you consider yourself the queen or king of dance?
Spend your Saturday night together with Nigerian artiste, Mr Flavour and Eboni band! They will surely put a massive grin on your face as you show off your unique dance moves. Do not miss out on AM Owambe Saturday With Indomie this Saturday, 11th July at 8:30pm on AM Family (channel 2).

Are you a control freak?
Catch The Last Word on M-Net Movie Zone (channel 3) Sunday, 12th July at 11am. A once-successful businesswoman works with a young local write to pen her life story. When the initial result doesn’t meet her high expectations, she sets out to reshape the way she’ll be remembered, dragging the writer along as an unwilling accomplice.

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