We Reps Move To Establish South-East Development Commission


A bill for an act to establish a South-East Development Commission to rehabilitate and reconstruct the region is underway in the House of Representatives. The bill is expected to be read for the second time soon.

The piece of legislation is entitled: “An Act to Establish the South-East Development Commission to Serve as Catalyst to develop the commercial potentials of the South-East, receive and manage funds from allocation of the Federation for the rehabilitation, reconstruction and reparation for houses and businesses of victims of the Civil War, and address any other environmental or developmental challenges.”

The bill is sponsored by the Deputy Whip of the House, Nkeiruka Onyejeocha; Minority Leader, Ndudi Elumelu; Chukwuka Onyema and 80 others, cutting across all regions of the country.

As proposed by the bill, which had overwhelming support, the commission’s chairman will be from the five South-East states, beginning with Abia;

The Chairman will be tasked to formulate policies for the administration of the Commission, implement its strategies and more, and

The Chairman, as proposed by the bill, will be appointed by the President and given the powers to manage and utilise funds allocated to Commission from many sources, including one percent of the Ecological Fund.