Interswitch Launches Payment Gateway Solution For Business Owners


Interswitch Group, a leading technology-driven company focused on the digitisation of payments in Nigeria and other countries in Africa, has recently launched a payment gateway called ‘The Developer Console’. The new solution has been created for business owners to enable seamless payments, by providing a holistic payment solution that caters for collection, settlement and reporting.
As part of the launch activities for this product, Interswitch is organizing a webinar to further engage people and enlighten them on what it is about. The webinar is scheduled to hold on Wednesday, July 29,2020.
Abdul-Hafiz Ibrahim and Edidiong Asikpo, both Software Engineers at Interswitch, will moderate the session. They will discuss extensively on how to register as a business, supported features and how to receive money on the payment gateway through diverse channels such as the website, mobile SDK, API, Payment Links and Invoices.
Integrating with Interswitch APIs (developer console) has been relatively complex for years now, largely because of the complexity of the APIs, lack of well-defined documentation, poor developer experience, and support. However, in 2020, a variety of new offerings and updates vastly expanded the APIs, making 2020 the year to finally integrate seamlessly to the Interswitch APIs.
The new Interswitch APIs enable you create powerful tools and products, and provides self-service integration, giving developers the ability to access Interswitch product APIs, authentication parameters, sandbox, production keys, documentation and seamless project management.
For those who want to use the developer console, these are the steps on how to create an account:
Create an account – To get started, go to the Developer Console homepage and click on the ‘Get Started’ button to create an account.
Create a project – Click on the ‘Create Project’ button at the bottom left of the developer console, add the required information and click on the ‘Create’ button.
Access your credentials – With your newly created project credentials, you now have access to all Interswitch APIs on the Developer Console in test mode.
Request to go live – Click on the ‘Permissions’ tab, Select the APIs that meet your project needs and save changes, click on the ‘Toggle to Go-Live’ switch at the top right of the developer console to get your live credentials on which the requested APIs will be granted access, if approved.
For businesses who want to integrate onto the Payment Gateway, register here to join the webinar on Wednesday, July 29,2020.