NAPPS: Lagos President, Amusa Olawale Gives Stewardship In Six Months


…We have recorded notable achievements implementing VIEW-ME agenda

The Lagos State chapter of National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools (NAPPS) President, Mr. Amusa Olawale has given account of his stewardship to members of that association after 6 months of steering the wheel of the notable association.

Delivering his keynote address, the President said the event is in fulfilment of his promise at his inaugural speech where he stated that his administration will operate on an agenda titled ‘VIEW ME’ where he made sure the agenda was achievable despite the interference of the pandemic.

He noted that this period provides the opportunity for his administration to evaluate their activities since they assumed office on 5th December , 2019.

While reiterating his vision to take NAPPS to a higher momentum, he affirmed that this is a very difficult period for everyone, especially the sub-sector, where the main source of livelihood has been severely constrained by the stringent measures that were introduced by the Federal government to contain the spread of the coronavirus ravaging the global world since March,2020.

“The dedication of our Executive Committee Members, the Elders’ Forum and most importantly the resilience of our Chapter Chairmen including ward chairmen at various levels of administration cannot be overemphasized.To my National President, Chief ‘Yomi Otubela your efforts in moving the Association forward is highly appreciated. God bless you sir. Let me use this opportunity to say thank you to all of you for your immeasurable services to the humanity,” he added.

Mr Amusa said his administration successfully organized a glamorous banquet and handover ceremony on 5th December, 2019 and to settle down fully for the job of serving humanity, they organized an Executive Retreat for the all the elected officers in the State. The Executive Retreat was replicated the Retreat programme for all the 20 Chapter Chairmen, the treasurers and secretaries in the state.

VIEW-ME Agenda

“We have recorded notable achievements in the course of implementing our cardinal programms (VIEW-ME) agenda as promised during the electioneering period. And this shall form the fulcrum upon which future success will be built.

“V- Venturing into diversified sources of income:* NAPPS TV was inaugurated where school programmes are aired on LTV every Friday. The business committee of the Association embarked on production/supplly of various items like banners, Hand washing station machines , Diaries, calendar, sanitizers, Infrared Thermometers etc to create other sources of income and reduced unnecessary financial burdens on members.

“I- Improve relationship with government agencies and other business partners: To achieve this, the executive members paid courtesy/familarisation visits to Lagos State Ministry of Education and other government agencies to chart benefiting paths for the entire members of the association. I am delighted that we have been collectively and individually enjoying the dividends of our efforts in this regards. Six members schools that were sealed by the state Government during first day of the Lockdown were re-opened without payment of fines.

“E- Enhance the quality of education: As a professional Association, this administration has organized various seminars and Workshops for school owners and teachers so that total quality services can be provided in our schools. Articles were prepared to boost the morale of members during the COVID-19 lockdown. NAPPS free online lessons were introduce to assist students in Senior Secondary schools where over 1500 are still benefiting from the programme on NAPPS Online Telegram.
NAPPS Institute Committee and NAPPS Quality Assurance Committee Members that were established by this administration have been working tirelessly on activities that will ensure that our schools are re-opened without further delay.

“W-Welfare packages: We embarked on various welfare packages to assist members during this challenging period. The administration facilitated the granting of Federal government N50 Billion palliative Loans to 65% of Applicants during the lockdown.
Soft loans were granted to some chapter chairpersons who were in the need of such facility.
A virtual Online children’s day was organized for our learners. That was first of its kind in the history of the Association. Various gifts were given to winners of some of the activities show cased during the event.

“ME- Membership Drive: The welfare packages that our members are benefitting from have made many new members to join the Associations at both wards and chapter levels. For effective administration, we have embarked on updating members Data and highly interactive website.

“Unified Terminal Examinations: This administration organized and administered second Term Unified Examinations successfully. This has brought an harmonious working relationship among all the stakeholders in the Association.

“NAPPS CONFERENCE CENTRE: Since this is the major target project of this administration, all effort are on top gear to ensure that this is achieved.
A project committee has been formed with the responsibility of getting a centrally located area.
By the special Grace of God and with your support we shall surely achieve this.

“The Government: We appreciate the proactive approach embarked upon by Lagos State Government to combat further spread of COVID- 19 in the state. This has shown the sincerity of purpose of the administration to protect the lives of citizens of Lagos State as sworn to with the oath of office. With this, our Governor has proved that Lagos State still remains a pace-setter in all facets of human endeavours.”

However, Mr Amusa charged Governor Sanwo-Olu to prevent Private Education Sector from collapse, considering the hardship that Private School Owners and staffs are experiencing most especially on salaries, loan repayment, taxes and levies without any corresponding income presently coupled with getting necessary items in place as a way of coping with COVID-19 challenges both for prevention and to aid Online lessons.
We therefore request for assistance in terms of grants, one digit interest loan which we belief Lagos State can do better than what other states have done to private schools.

He stated further; “School Owners: I have strong belief that all is well with you, in spite our present challenges. Let us be thankful to God for His mercy and protection on us. Let us endure a little bit more,do not give up.
As Believers, it is normal to have challenges of this nature just to test our faith but all we need to do is to find ways to cope and work as a Team to achieve the common goals. However, let us be calm and play the game by its rules. There is need for us to obey and observe all the requirements precedent to the school reopening as prescribed by all relevant authorities. Our lives are more important at this critical time than the proceeds we are not really sure of.

“Our esteemed parents/guardians and the children, we implore you to appreciate the fact that there is global challenge, and this is not peculiar to Nigeria. We need to continue to educate our children on good conducts and attitudes. Our children are the leaders of tomorrow, we need to complement the efforts of NAPPS to ensure that they are productively engaged during this lockdown period.

“In conclusion, we want to acknowledge the efforts of all the stakeholders for their endurance during this lockdown. While encouraging all members to put in their best to ensure that all necessary equipment and facilities as recommended by the supervising authorities are fully put in place. We assure the government, parents/guardians that our association will continue to support the state in ensuring that only the best is good enough for the state of excellence.”

Finally, Mr Amusa extended his appreciation to supportive cabinet members, as well as media organizations present for the stewardship.