I Have No Fear Releasing Album Amid COVID-19 Pandemic –Obesere


Fuji singer, Abass Akande, aka Obesere, is one man who believes so much in his fans. At a time when many artistes are weary of releasing albums amid the COVID-19 pandemic because they wouldn’t be able to do certain promotional activities due to the social distancing guidelines, Akande is set to release a four-track album titled, ‘Standout’.

Telling Saturday Beats what inspired the album, he said, “A lot of people are bored right now and they need something to cheer them up. People know me as someone who is different when it comes to the kind of music I make. I play fuji but it is a different style and it stands out. My voice is unique and my fans can instantly recognise it because there is no other person that is similar. I don’t sound like anybody else.

“Even in terms of my stage performances and attitude, I stand out. The way I relate with people is different and it is not easy for anybody to copy because it comes naturally to me.”

On how he intends to promote the album in light of the social distancing guidelines in place in the country, he said, “I have been promoting the album on Instagram, and there will be videos too.”

The ‘omo rapala’ singer also maintained that he had no fear of the album not doing well. He said, “It is only musicians who are not sure of their fans that would be afraid of releasing albums at a time like this. I am very sure of my fans. They love me so much and support me. And, that is why I always pray for them that they wouldn’t lack good things.”

Source: The PUNCH