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Maldives Is everyone’s key to a hassle free homes, for everyone struggling to own there own home, your solution is right here.

Maldives Garden II is a 2&3 bedroom, semi detached bungalows situated within the carefully conceptualized, already established and developed Whales Estate, where families would enjoy lush green gardens, extensive walk ways and modern infrastructures, with more considerations on space, security, serenity as well as splendour.

Maldives gardens II Bungalows is a sight to behold for it stands out as a breathtaking Iconic luxury home with simple but sufficient architecture to make a classy statement, all this at a very affordable price.

Beautiful Maldives Gardens II, is situated within the Whales Estate along Lagos Ibadan Expressway, Ibokun Aro, Mowe, which is about 4 minutes drive from the Lagos/Ibadan Express way, directly opposite Christopher University, that is about 7minutes drive from RCCG Redemption camp. In essence Maldives estate is not only a breathtakingly lush sight to behold, but it’s also surrounded by other beautiful estates.


Maldives garden is made up of both Lands and Buildings


500SQM outright buy N4M, N5M for 24 months installment with an initial deposit of 10% of the Net Worth.

For Maldives garden Houses, there are variances based on individual demands and they are illustrated below;

2 Bedroom Terrace Bungalows

The Outright buy for this is N6.25 Million, whilst for 24months instalment with a 10% initial deposit of the gross total is N7.25 Million

2 Bedroom Semi-detached Bungalows

Outright for this is N7.25 Million whilst the 24 months instalment with an initial deposit of 10% is N9.25 Million.

Then we have the 3 Bedroom Terrace Bungalow. The outright payment for this is N8.89 Million and the 24 months instalment goes for N9.89 Million with the same initial deposits of 10%

Nota Bene: For any of our Properties you go for, N500,000 developmental fee as well as 5% Legal fee, is a must .

The bungalows are blocks of Semi-detached single-floor houses, and each house comprises of living room, dining area, kitchen, guest toilet, bedroom 2 and 3. And it also be noted that the bungalows are custom built unit (not completely), but each units comes with an adequate parking space.


Family Living Area 18m^2
Bedroom 1 12m^2
Bedroom 2 13m^2
Dining 13^2
Kitchen 11m^2
WC/Bath 2m^2


Rental Values 125% increase between 2010 & 2019

Appreciative value from N500,000 – N5 Million

Things Maldives Gardens will do for their Clients comfort;

We will provide you with good Entry and Exit doors.



Soak Away

Conduits and Electrical Piping

Tile Flooring

Wooden works on all other entrances within the premises

And also below are things Our Client’s shouldn’t expect from us to do for them;

All you Indoor finishes which includes;



Plumbing works

Toilet Finishes

Kitchen finishes



What infrastructure will be provided with the developmental fee?

Answer: Paved road network, Provision of Transformers, Street lights, Electrification, Recreation Centre, Drainage System and CCTV.

What are the sizes of plots?

The plot size is 500SQM

Is there any DOCUMENT/ Title on the Land?

The only title on the Land is government Ratification

What type of documents/Title shall be given to subscribers?

A duty executed purchase receipt
Contract of Sale
Letter of Plot Allocation (After Completion of payment for the land)
Deed of Sub-lease/ Deed of Assignment

Is there any restrictions as to the type of building I can erect on the land?

Yes, You are expected to build residential houses within the area so designated for such and building of tenement house type (otherwise known as face me and face you) are not permitted in the estate.

What other payments to I make aside the payment of the land?

Upon purchase of the Land you are only required to pay for development fee and legal fees. While the cost of development fee is N500,000, Legal fee is 5% of the cost of the Land.

What do you mean by Custom built ?

We as a Company develop and do the finishes of all the exteriors while we leave the interior finishing to the subscribers.

Can the company do the finishing of my Property for me?

Yes, the Company can do the finishing for you but it comes at a cost to be decided by the Company.


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