We Don’t Pay Salary To Non-Staff


The attention of the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, has been drawn to a video clip trending online, where one ACP Stephen Udeme Brown made some outlandish claims about the Commission.

In the 5.41 minutes video clip, a so-called ACP Brown could be heard telling a lady that he gets monthly salary payments from the NDDC as a security detail to the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Senator Godswill Akpabio.

He claimed: “My name is there in the voucher. Every month they give me N250, 000 from NDDC as chief detail to Godswill Akpabio.

“We are more than 15 that they are paying. The cousin of Akpabio is taking N500, 000 every month while staying in his house. Every month, they send the money to our different accounts.”

We want to state clearly that there is no scintilla of truth in the claims made by the so-called ACP Brown. His claims are simply hogwash.

The current NDDC management operates strictly in accordance with Federal Government’s financial regulations to deliver on its core mandate of intervening in the development of the Niger Delta.

In any case, under the extant financial regulations of the current Federal Government, such infractions touted by Brown, are simply not possible.

The NDDC, as a responsible public organization, cannot go outside public service rules in its operations.

The current management restates its unalloyed commitment to the prudent management of the commission’s resources and the implementation of robust financial regulations to safeguard public funds in its custody.

The people of the Niger Delta should please disregard unfounded allegations against the NDDC and be rest assured that we are building a stronger and more responsive Commission.

The attempt to drag the name of the supervising minister, Senator Godswill Akpabio, into this cacophony of lies is most regrettable


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