Marriage Expert Dole Out God’s Intention For Marriage, Spiritual Guide?


The intuitive wisdom and wit about one of life’s most intriguing and personal subjects. Best-selling author Feyikemi Oyewole has launch her new book ‘Am I Ready? A Spiritual Guide to the Marital Journey’ virtually on Friday, September 25 at 7.00 pm,

With inspirational talks from relationship and marriage experts. When and whom do you marry? What is God’s intention for marriage? Is Love enough? Are there secrets to a healthy and lasting marriage?

In this book, you won’t find a single answer to your questions about marriage; but you will find hundreds. According to the author, the book seeks to address the “common challenges facing choosing a life partner in the contemporary Christian society.”

Am I Ready Book offers examples of biblical characters who treated marriage as God intended and other characters who treated it as a big lie. You will read further about the outcome of these different schools of thought on marriage.

Am I Ready Book is sure to become a classic. Am I Ready? A Spiritual Guide to the Marital Journey will be available on Amazon and worldwide since Friday, September 25, 2020.

ISBN 978-0-9574219-9-8 Design and Published by Redefining Living (His Lady CIC) MEDIA CONTACT:

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