Senator Adeola Charged Nigerians To Redress Wrongs@60


Senator Solomon Adeola (APC, Lagos West), the chairman of Senate Committee on Finance has charged all Nigerians in position of authority to use the occasion and one year celebration of its Diamond Jubilee as a nation to right historical and present wrongs and injustices within the system.

In his congratulatory message to the nation as it marks its 60th year of Independence the senator stated that at the age of sixty, the nation cannot be tagged a toddler or adolescent but a matured adult as a nation stressing that at this point in our history and present circumstances all efforts should be geared towards amelioration of issues that divide the nation along various lines with the aim of creating a united nation where all citizens enjoying equal rights and opportunities for self and community development.

“While congratulating the nation, Nigeria at 60 years of nationhood as one entity in spite of a regrettable bloody civil war, ongoing security and infrastructure challenges, I want to urge that all hope is not lost to make Nigeria a better place for all its citizens giving our enormous resource endowment and potentials yet untapped. The way to do this is to ensure a sense of belonging in the Nigeria nation irrespective of religion, tribe, region and other such delineation creating in-balances” he stated.

Senator Adeola call for prayers to overcome the security challenges facing the nation as well as a permanent solution to the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic ongoing in the world hoping that in the coming years Nigeria and Nigerians can reap the benefits of its God given endowment.


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