Meet 185 Years Old Man Who Said Death Has Forgotten Him


Death is inevitable and everybody must die when the times come, there is no specific time for death to come because everybody has their different destiny, some people have passed away at a very young age and some are lucky enough to die at a very old age, one of the people who have lived very long on Earth is ‘Maharanasi Murasi’.

‘Maharanasi Murasi’ was born in a village of Bangalore in 1835. Maharanasi has been living for the past 185 years, and he has gotten very old. Some of his children and grandchildren have passed away and he is still very much alive. Murasi have even said that he think death has forgotten him.

A lot of people said he has a divine power and that is why he is still alive, but Murasi has denied having spiritual powers.
A lot of people have been doubting his age and he has showed some papers that was prepared in the British regime, to show that he is not lying.


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