#EndSARS: Youths Say 1999 Constitution Outdated


#EndSARS protesters has declared that President Buhari government has failed the youths. They said the expectation of the youths is good governance. The 1999 constitution we are using is out dated and the constitution is being brought by military. They said the youths cannot afford 3 square meal a day.

Mr. Ade Badejo in Iyana Ipaja, Lagos accused the government for sending their children abroad to study. He asked why cannot they leave their children in Nigeria to study in public schools? Tosin Olawuyi said what is happening all over the nation is a change. We need change in our nation. For now we know we don’t have a leader.

“What is happening now is a symbol of a change. The 1999 constitution we are using is out dated and the constitution is being brought by military, General Abdusalam brought it. Our legislature, Executive are using force to make law, this is unfair”.

“Now, they say we are in democracy, I was told democracy is government of the people for the people and by the people. We need democracy. Our leaders did not care how we live, how we feed. Our leaders did not follow all the constitution. We need to inform Nigeria. The expectation of the youth is good governance, ending of police brutality”.

We are on the streets now to #EndSARS, to #EndPoliceBrutality, to #EndPoliceKillings of our young ones. The priority of every nation in the world is food security. President Buhari government has failed us (The youths). We cannot afford three square meal a day.

They send their children abroad, why can’t they leave their children in Nigeria? They leave us here, they traveled abroad and they see what is happening there, they can not implement it here. PHCN takes light every time. “And the solution to this country problem is to end everything.

Let every tribe goes on its own. Yoruba for the South West, Igbo and Hausa should go on their own. We need Yoruba nation we are tired of every of thing. We are tired of Buhari government.

Also, Miss. Idowu Abayomi said, we have been suffering in this country. We want them to change the road. We have bad roads now. We need good roads, we want them to stop crazy bills, #EndSARS because we are youths, we are not animals. They should reduce the price of petrol, we want our life back.

Mr. John George said everything has been messed up. SARS has been intimidating us, this country has failed our youths and it does not make sense, so SARS must end. We cannot be dying like chickens every day.

How can people die like chickens every day? SARS must end. All government, president Governor every body must be involved in government all hands must be on desk. SARS must end.

Mr. Isah Mohammed also said that even ever before everybody is tired. This SARS should end. Apart from that all the police, let them go to barracks. The army should be in barracks. We don’t want them in the town, let them reform them in good shape.

Police should be in barracks, let governments provide centers for the police and army, monitor all their activities. We don’t know when we are going to stop, government know what do to the masses. They know what we are facing as masses. We are annoyed seriously.


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