INCREDIBLE!!! (Video) 90-Year-Old Man Who Has Never Had A Wife, Girlfriend Or Kids


A 90-year-old chaste man, Baizire Jean Marie, has revealed his reasons for being single without having wives or children till date.

Speaking in an interview with AfrImax English, the nanogenerian narrated his relationship misery as he grows up everyday without any partner by his side.

Baizire made it known that his educational level reached primary 6 but he claimed that the education was not useful for him.

The African old man revealed that he has been living in the village since birth and had neither relationship with any lady nor have child out of wife.

The 90-year-old chaste man said, “I am called Baizire Jean Marie. I am 90 years of age. I have been living in this village for my whole life and have never got married and never met any woman. That means, I am still single.”

Looking at the physique of the old man, he has no mental and physical challenges as he was seen very agile to farm and be able to clear the bush.

The 90-year-old pure man relies on his relatives and family member for livelihood because he can’t earn for himself.

The neighbors also had interview with the media outlet, suspecting that the old man has been attacked by spiritual powers. Watch the video below:

Social media users expressed their thoughts as they took to the comment section. Some reactions are shown below:

Zk Motivation said, “No matter how many times you fall down, never give up. Remember how many times a child falls before he learn how to walk.
Much Love?”.

V Levene said, “He looks younger than his age there are dozens of person that are single not him alone”

jumoke Aladese said, “God bless him he looks very good for his age, there is nothing wrong being single, he has a lot of love and support from his family. I pray he will get more help”.

Lorie Logan said, “Bless his heart a 90 year old v*rgin. He did very well with abstinence.”


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