Airtel Revamps Network o Deliver Faster Internet Speed, To Enhanced User Experience


Leading telecommunications services provider, Airtel Nigeria, has announced that it has embarked on an extensive network optimization and modernization programme in a move to offer customers on its network unrivalled data speed as well as enhance their overall mobile Internet experience.

With this move, customers on the Airtel network can now enjoy a seamless, faster, and more rewarding experience when they browse on their phones or latch on to the Airtel Home Broadband devices including Mifis, routers and Outdoor Units (ODUs).

Specifically, customers in urban areas and major cities will now start experiencing much faster speed with lower latency when they stream movies, watch live sports, play online games, download heavy files, or engage in other activities on the Internet.
Commenting on the modernization programme, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, Airtel Nigeria, Surendran Chemmenkotil, said “Airtel is committed to ensuring that its customers enjoy the best and fastest Internet speed as well as network experience in the country.

“With the modernization exercise, we have significantly improved our Internet speed across major cities in the country. Without a doubt, this programme will empower customers to become more productive and successful in their personal and professional lives, also contributing to the growth of the overall economy.”

Recently, Airtel Nigeria also announced a major upgrade and overhaul on its network infrastructure nationwide in a move to ensure its over 50m customers continue to enjoy the best experience on voice call and mobile Internet services.

As part of the exercise, Airtel upgraded all its 2G and 3G sites to 4G to deliver expansive mobile broadband and a flawless voice call experience.
Airtel noted that it is committed to supporting the Federal Government agenda of increasing and expanding the penetration of broadband in the country.


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