QATAR 2022 CONMEBOL: CONMEBOL, Its Ten Member Associations Join Call For Unity In Support Of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022


A country eager to show its hospitality and warmth, magnificent sports venues and 32 prepared teams with their greatest potential. They ensure a tournament that will undoubtedly go down in history.

As few times in history, human society today needs the powerful message of sport in general and football, the most popular of them, in particular.

This message is powerful because it is universal, it goes far beyond political or ideological disputes, temporary disagreements and occasional confrontations. It is a message full of optimism, tolerance, inclusion, diversity, union.

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is the best opportunity to consolidate the values on which football is founded.

Due to its scope, its prestige and tradition, the World Cup multiplies the positive impact of these values. This is especially so in the new generations, in girls, boys and young people, who hope and seek that football is not tarnished or distorted with biased or partial visions.

Let’s open the field to those values – effort as a path to self-improvement; the articulation of individual talent and teamwork; respect for the rival; the competition with loyalty – and let them be protagonists during this FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

The time has come to leave controversies and controversies behind and value and enjoy a true ecumenical party, eagerly awaited by the entire planet. Let the ball start rolling to bring joy and emotions.


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