FIFA President Infantino Appeals For Greater Investment In Women’s Football


The president of the world’s football governing body Gianni Infantino has appealed for significant investment in women’s football which he described as the future of the game.

Gianni Infantino was speaking at the start of the Asian Football Confederation congress.

Since taking over the leadership of FIFA, Gianni Infantino has masterminded significant reforms aimed at projecting Women’s football to unprecedented heights. The football supremo has repeatedly called for more attention and investment to women’s football as part of blueprint geared towards revolutionizing the game.

“We are discussing the 2027 Women’s World Cup. My appeal is to invest in women’s football, it is the future.  I want every country in the world to have a women’s league, a women’s national team.” Infantino stressed.

“Women make up 50% of the world’s population. We must develop women’s football, opening more doors and opportunities. We have all the elements to organize competitions and invest in development.”

“We must make sure we give every talent the chance to show off, so as to see world championships and, perhaps, world champions coming from Asia”

The FIFA head also stressed on plans to further unite the world through football as well as initiatives underway to improve on the grooming of young talents globally via the Talent Scheme and FIFA Forward Funds.

“We like to say that football is becoming truly global and it is and we have a responsibility in this respect. You have a responsibility in this respect. You play an important role in this unity of the world”

“For the FIFA Forward Programme, for the Talent Development Scheme we have been multiplying by seven the funds which are available to all compared to 2016 before I became FIFA President”

“We have been able to make available these funds for you to invest in girls’ football in boys’ football to invest in the future, in the zones and in the growth of our game”

With the Israelo-Palestinian war raging, Gianni Infantino expressed his sympathy to the populations affected by this war.

“Unfortunately we live in a divided and aggressive world. I want to send my deep condolences to the families and friends who are losing their lives in Palestine and Israel.”

“My solidarity is with the people across the region who are suffering and paying an unspeakable price. My thoughts and prayers are with all the mothers who have lost their children and all those who suffer.”

“Violence and hatred do not achieve anything. My appeal is for those who are involved and who have the power to stop all this, to find a solution that can make us live in peace and together.” He concluded.


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