In Time Like This! Only God To Help Nigerians, Disapprove ‘Japa’ Syndrome -Rt. Rev’d Okupevi 


...Urge Youths Emulating Good Leaders, Follow Moderation At Festive


…Christmas Teaches Us To Be Humble, Patient -Okupevi


Christians all over the world have been enjoined to depend totally on Almighty God for there is great hope when trust in Him. He said no one except God can help us out of our predicament. Bishop Okupevi urged Christians to continue to pray for the nation’s leaders so that they could bring themselves to the level of the masses, and listen to the plight of the people.

The shepherd, The Diocesan Bishop of Lagos Anglican Communion, Rt. Rev’d Ifedola Okupevi, gave this admonition on Monday December 25, through a chat with some pressmen during Christmas celebration.

“We have nobody to help us except God. I also want to urge the people that are traveling abroad through ‘japa’, to stop the syndrome”, he added. The man of God also urged doctors that are traveling abroad to stay in the country and serve the nation.

Also, the cleric urges Christians all over the world to celebrate in humility, moderation and above all be patient with their leaders and be ready to give whatever they could to the poor.

According to the Man of God: “we should be able to do charity to the poor and at the same time pray for our country because we need prayers in this country,” he said. “Whatever we do must be with moderation. Don’t drink and drive, don’t over eat.”

He emphasised the need for all Nigerians, most especially ladies, to dress properly.

Speaking further, he urged the government at all levels to make people-friendly policies, and look at the hike in prices of commodities and the current economic situation in the country. “The issue of hike in prices of goods and inflation should be addressed by the government.”

On the scarcity of cash in the country, he cautioned the government to allow easy access to cash and make it available to members of the public.

Bishop Okupevi clamouring for the urgency in fixing the Nigeria refineries and work on the weakness of our currency “The refineries should be working; they should do them on time. At the same time, the government should look into the issue of naira depreciation. A situation where the exchange rate of naira to foreign currencies is high is not good enough,” he said.


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