World Environment Day: DBN Plants Over 3,000 Trees To Tackle Climate Change, Deforestation In Nigeria


…A Comprehensive Initiatives, Prioritizing Sustainable Environment For Future Generations –Protecting The Planet!


As part of activities to mark the 2024 World Environment Day, Nigeria’s wholesale financial institution, the Development Bank of Nigeria (DBN) PLC said it has planted over 3, 000 trees in Lagos and Abuja respectively.

This year’s theme: “Land Restoration, Desertification, and Drought Resilience,” guided DBN’s comprehensive initiatives aimed at addressing critical environmental challenges.

The World Environment Day, celebrated annually every June 5, is a global platform established by the United Nations to raise awareness and promote actions for the protection of our environment.In a demonstration of environmental stewardship and corporate social responsibility,

DBN’s team engaged in a collaborative effort to plant trees in two strategic locations -the Lekki Conservation Centre in Lagos and Kpeygi Community in Abuja. Through this impactful gesture, the bank reinforces its commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable development.

Speaking during the planting ceremony, Managing Director/CEO, Development Bank of Nigeria, Dr. Tony Okpanachi emphasized the importance of reforestation in combating desertification and promoting biodiversity. He said: “Land restoration is crucial for maintaining ecological balance and combating the adverse effects of desertification.

By planting trees, we are not only restoring the land but also ensuring a sustainable environment for future generations.”

“So we are thrilled to celebrate this World Environment Day by engaging in this meaningful tree planting initiative, because at DBN, we are driven by the believe that environmental sustainability is a shared responsibility, and through initiatives like this, we are consciously contributing to the mitigation of climate change, improving air quality, and enhancing biodiversity in our communities”.

Speaking further, Dr. Okpanachi noted that: “As the world grapples with pressing environmental challenges, this tree planting initiative will serve as a shining example of corporate leadership and sustainable action.

By harnessing the collective power of our employees and partners, we have proven that when it comes to protecting the environment, every action -no matter how small, counts. “He stated that: “The tree planting drive underscores the bank’s broader sustainability efforts, including the integration of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles into its business operations.

Prioritizing sustainability, DBN seeks to align its activities with global best practices and contribute to the green transition in Nigeria’s economic landscape.

“In his remarks, the Director-General, Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF), Dr. Joseph Onoja, represented by the organization’s Director of Business Development and Communications, Uchenna Achunine commended the management of DBN for launching such audacious initiative aimed at promoting a greener and sustainable environment in Nigeria.”

We are happy that DBN understands the role and importance of fostering a culture of environmental responsibility within its organization. This tree planting project is an act of sowing the seeds for a more resilient, green future that benefits both people and the planet.”

“I want to express my profound gratitude to the management and staff of DBN for prioritizing sustainability by taking on this bold initiative. Permit me to use this medium to appeal to other organizations to borrow a leaf from what DBN has done, by contributing their own quota in preserving and conserving our environment.

“According to him” There is a very strong nexus between tree planting and climate change. When you plant trees, you will have greener environments, and that will lead to a healthier planet free from carbon monoxide which is poisonous to the human body”.

In its previous contributions towards a sustainable environment, the Development Bank of Nigeria initiated various projects to commemorate the World Environment Day, such as the donation of receptacles to the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Lagos, Kano and Rivers states for the collection of recyclable waste.

Other core areas of the initiatives of the DBN towards the protection of the environment are the lunch of Green Clubs in selected schools in Lagos and Abuja, the planting of carpet grass, trees, and landscape designs in some chosen schools.

In the same vein, staff of DBN visit select schools across the country to interact with and provide training to students on recycling and other responsible behaviors toward the environment -all in a bid to nurturing and protecting the planet!


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