Banditry: Zamfara Mobile Telecommunication Network Ban, Good Omen, As Governor Bags Nigeria Media Nite-Out Award Best Media Friendly


…Bandit Are Now Taken The Heat

Zamfara State governor, Bello Muhammad Matawalle on Sunday disclose that the two weeks ban on communications system in the state is yielding expected result as Bandit are now taken the heat through the report reaching the government. They were being rooted seriously and this is giving courage to continue what they are doing.

The governor who was represented by his Special Adviser on Public Enlightenment, Media and Communications, Mr Zailani Bappa at an elaborate, well attended Nigeria Media Nite-Award in Ikeja Lagos State where the governor bags media friendly award made the clarifications.

“The major step government is taking now is you all know the state governor has decided to stop participating, in market days, he has stop selling food out and inside the state, he has stop the movement of livestock inside and outside the state, He has stop fuel to vehicle for more than N10,000 and only his Local government headquarters can use fuel and all black market have been banned”.

In Zamfara state you cannot use your phone, you cannot go on internet for the past two weeks; only security Operatives can communicate. All these are stringent that is bearing a lots of fruits.

In terms of community participation and media collaboration let me inform you that more than ever before the villager now has more courage because they arrest many without the communication they don’t have courage because they have identified them, and in the course of two weeks they have identify more than 100 informants it is the villager that has done this.

Just on Saturday Bappa was in Abuja when somebody send him a video wherein Zamfara villagers made more arrest. They arrest some Bandit informant because though they have this communication among themselves and they villagers still arrested them.

“The villagers discovered their secret and they handed them over. “In fact they have arrested more than 100 informants who are using their telephones in the towns and villages, they will call the Bandit in the bush to come and attack and that this person has sold his cotton, he has money they take him away collect his money. And if the military are moving from one place to another they come to said military are on this route they came together and ambush them and start shooting the military”

On why he was at the award ceremony Bappa said governor Matawalle is not new to NMNA: “This is not very new to us last year we are here; even before previous years he has been participating in NMN award, even before he became a governor. So it is very significant that this body always recognizes his contribution where ever he is, even in the house of representatives whether as a governor and out of governor. Even being the level of I think the contribution of people anywhere it makes people happy and his excellency is really happy with this award and he will continue to work tight as executive governor.

Matawalle change the media in Zamfara he met only one radio station and he changed anything media in the state. “First of all think it is very important that people understand that we are facing challenges in media publicity as the state has a radio station. But when he came in in the last two years he has been able to establish a television, and he has been able to establish a FM station, he has been able to overhaul all the ministry of information and equipped it with all the gadget that are needed. All this mobile cinema etc. So he has make sure he supported the media organization and Nigerian Union of Journalists. Just as he came in the NUJ was among the institutions he gave a brand new bus”.

Not that alone Matawalle instituted a lot of incentives for the media where they can compete and always meet something and he has support them in their secretariat in the state he has done a lot. And government house crew in government house are also been supported by the excellency governor. They have new vehicles; they have new gallery they didn’t have before. They also have incentive like their colleague in the correspondent chapel.

“Also there is nothing the NUJ is doing in Nigeria that his excellency does not participate. Infact just two months ago National president NUJ was present in Zamfara state people are running from Zamfara but National president came he slept in Zamfafra for two days before he left, just to let you know how good our governor is friendly to NUJ”.

“In a nut shell I want to inform you that Zamfara state despite that we are been face with so many security challenges, lack of resources and so on, the state governor is doing all that it can to seethat media is supported and promoted. I think that’s part of the reasons Nigeria Media Nite-Out Award find it necessary to award the governor”.


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