Jandor Pays Advocacy Visit To Alimosho Monarch To Establish His Stance


In furtherance of lagos4lagos agenda in ensuring the emergence of Lagos indigene as governor of lagos state come 2023, the lead convener of the movement Dr Abdul Azeez Olajide Adediran (Jandor) along side his team and supporters in a convoy, paid advocacy visit to the monarchs in Alimosho, the venue slated for the group’s LGA general meeting.

In his opening salvo at the palace, Adediran said he is sure the monarchs must have received reports about Lagos4lagos, he said it is high time the group report itself in setting straight the record.

“Our purpose of coming here is to report ourselves to you. I’m sure they must have been reporting us to you gradually, but it is important we report ourselves to you.

“If you want to collect something from those who didn’t deserve it, it will appear you are fighting back which is not exactly so.

“We are asking for the first time that a Lagos indigene should emerge as governor of Lagos state.

Adediran said the Awori’s own 17 out of the 20 local government Areas in Lagos State. He said if a governor had emerged from the Aworis, the handlers of APC would always have good reasons to consult and contact Awori leaders before making decisions on their behalf.

“I can’t leave my father to take care of other people’s father. When our children aspire for political offices be it councillor or chairman’s position, they would have to contact non Awori leaders before they can emerge. These are some of the things we are not comfortable with and the status quo must changed”. Adediran asserted.

The lead convener notified the monarchs that should in case the present handlers of APC’s activities in Lagos approaches the monarchs to pacify him to step down, he said he will decline with no disrespect.

Adediran said there is no local government lagos4lagos has not touched. There is no ward or divisions they have not taken the campaigns to. He said Epe and Ikorodu divisions have accepted the movement and ready to stay in the struggle.

“Lagos4lagos has the largest majority in APC. APC handlers in Abuja can attest to the fact. We are giving them the option to either accept us or we count them as oppositions during another political dispensation if they are still recalicitrant. If they tell us there is no way, we shall exit forthwith with our resources and arsenals.

“What we need to turn the fortune of Awori land such that it would be more desirous is to have that executive power, and we are having that by God’s grace in 2023.

“I have belief in what your Highnesses believes in, kindly appease the ancestors on our behalf, so what rightfully belongs to us can be ours”. He said.

Some of the monarchs present include HRM Oba Kolawole Egundipe (Onipaja of Ipaja), HRM Oba Samuel Irina (Onimeran), HRM Oba Babatunde Ogunronbi Akinlowo (Onishasha), HRM Oba Gbadabiu Asiwaju (Onikotun), HRM Oba Olomitutu (Onijegun), HRM Oba Orelope (Elegbeda).


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