“Why I Want First Lady Ibijoke Sanwo-Olu To Stand Out” -Beauty, Skin Therapist, Bibi Jacobson


…Says, Beauty Is Not Expensive

…Advises Ladies To Watch Out For Violence Signs When Dating

…Wants A Car For Birthday Gift

The beauty and makeover industry is a fast-rising industry in Nigeria. For most ladies, the activities of the day starts only when they are gaily dressed and facial makeup are in the right place. But for the coronavirus pandemic, this weekend would have witnessed many make up artists plying their trade in weddings, birthdays and other social functions.

It is in this industry that fast-rising beauty and skin therapist, Bibi Jacobson is playing big, highly demanded by top celebrities and socialite. Using a unique selling point of mobile spa, the Aniocha-born cosmetologist is making waves with plenty accolades.

The Chief Executive Officer of Bibi Jay Beauty Empire chatted in this exclusive interview with the Publisher of Trek Africa Newspaper, Oki Samson on the beauty business, who she would like to work with in the political space and gender issues. Read!

Trek Africa: Can we meet you?

Bibi Jacobson: I am Bibi Jacobson from Aniocha LGA of Delta state. I am the first of 4 children from my mother in a polygamous home. After secondary school, I did a year course in cosmetology and that’s why I am here running Bibi Jay Beauty Empire. It’s not too late, I still want to go to school because I would like to be a lawyer.

Bibi Jacobson is the CEO of Bibi Jay Beauty Empire

Trek Africa: What do you do in Bibi Jay Beauty Empire?

Bibi Jacobson: Bibi Jay Beauty Empire is a mobile spa where we do makeup, facials, pedicure, manicure, and massage for men, women and children. Your body needs to be pampered. You need to care for your skin. You know like a car, you need maintenance so that you don’t break down. We also train people to become masseuse, skin therapist and also sell beauty products.

Trek Africa: How expensive is looking beautiful?

Bibi Jacobson: It is not expensive to look beautiful. Beauty is not expensive. Yes, we can work on the external body but there are some food, vegetables and supplements that you can take that will make you glow from inside. With us around, we can manage your skin. So you can afford Bibi Jay Beauty Empire. I don’t advise people to bleach but if you want we are here. Just look good depending on your type of skin. We are at your service.

Trek Africa: Does cream and make up have health, maybe cause cancer?

Bibi Jacobson: Makeup doesn’t have effect but I advise people to minimize its use. If you use it too often, it doesn’t allow your face to breathe well and can cause breakage. So when you don’t have outing, just allow your skin to breathe.
If you go to market to buy product without knowing your skin type, it can cause your face to burn and we are walking under sun.

Trek Africa: Do you have personalities you want to work with?

Bibi Jacobson: Yes. Wives of governors like Ifeanyi Okowa, Kayode Fayemi, and Babajide Sanwo-olu.
For Her Excellency, Dr. Mrs. Ibijoke Sanwo-olu, I want her to upgrade in her makeup and allow her skin to glow because we love her so much and she is representing us the Women and ladies. If she gives us the opportunity at Bibi Jay, we will make her glow. She is our First Lady, I have been watching her closely, we want her to stand out.

Trek Africa: What do you have to say about violence against women?

Bibi Jacobson: I am against rape. I want to advise ladies to get home on time and parents should not leave their children to neighbors.
Also, when you are dating, please watch out for signs. You can’t change anybody. I change because I want to, you change because you want to. Don’t think you can change a person in marriage, it will get worse. Marriage is not to be endured but enjoyed. And don’t date because of money, pray before you marry.

Trek Africa: Is it true that a celebrity kissed you at an event?

Bibi Jacobson: It is not true. What happened was that, the celebrity was trying to get a closer look at me but, it was not true that he kissed me. You know sometimes, meeting these celebrities can be hard which people can term anyhow. I like them but don’t crush them. I used to crush on Flavour and Mikel Obi but that was then, it is a youthful thing. I am not tribalistic about a man, I just need one who have the fear of God and will take care of me.

Trek Africa: You are a Year Older today Friday 24th July, how do you plan to celebrate?

Bibi Jacobson: I thank God for life. My birthday will be an indoor celebration. I need a car as a birthday gift. Friends should get me a car.

Trek Africa: Your message to ladies and your fans?

Bibi Jacobson: I want to say thank you to all our clients. There was a time that I bought Sniper to kill myself. So if I can stand tall this moment, you also will stand. Just trust God, we will meet at the top, I love you all.

Source: Treck Africa