Total Lockdown Will Ground Our Economy, Remedy Is Isolation

Supervisor For Agric, Youth, Sport And Community Affairs, Ikosi-Isheri LCDA, Ketu/Chairman, Council 57, Lagos State Supervisory Forum. Hon. Fasasi Abideen Olawale

…Kudos To President Mohammed Buhari For Closings All The Boarders

…I’m Giving Her 90%, She Is Bringing Everybody On Board

An Interview With The Supervisor For Agric, Youth, Sport And Community Affairs, Ikosi-Isheri LCDA, Ketu/Chairman, Council 57, Lagos State Supervisory Forum. Hon. Fasasi Abideen Olawale

It is not an easy task handling Agric, Youth, Sport, and Community Affairs especially in an area like Ikosi-Isheri, where we are having a reasonable amount of population among other Local government areas in Lagos, I believe that once your are saddle with a responsibility you must see the success of the duties giving to you, I understand that her Mayoress believe so mush in me that is why she saddled me with those responsibility, knowing very well that I can deliver, though one or two issues may arise, as its comes we addressed it to arrive at a meaningful Achievement.

In terms of Agriculture, Ikosi-Isheri LCDA was among the first local government that added voice to the introduction of Lake rice and since then we have been able to provide this rice to our people here in a subsidies rate, we are also planning to established a mechanize farm for our people so that at the end of the day, the farm produce will be sold to the people at a subsidies price,

I think we should give kudo to President Mohammed Buhari for closings all the boarders even before the coming of this COVID-19, to encourage our locally made Rice, what we could have been experiencing during this COVID-19 in the area of rice importation would have been very tough. The price of rice would have been drastically inflated.

We have negotiated with the head of Fruits Market here in Ketu, to occasionally, during festival period to be bringing their products to the LCDA premises to sell to the people of Ikosi-Isheri people at a lower price, because we believe that during festival like this fasting period, some traders use to inflate the product, we don’t want that to happen again, our Chairman, The Mayoress will always say(My heart is where my community is) meaning, we will have a way of caring and making things easy for our people Some of the products we shall be expecting are yams, pepper, tomatoes etc.

In the last administration of Blessed memory, Engr. Ayodele Oyesanya, he was passionate about sport until his death in January this year but his predecessor also key into sport, she has partner the Senator in this constituency to bring out all the youth in Ikosi-Isheri to start a tournament, as we speak we are in a relationship with Dodomayana AKA (Peter Rufai), he came with his proposer and Her Mayoress was so interested, if not for the COVID-19, the training of our youth in various sport activities would have been running.

We are also planning on how to established our teenagers and fix them up in vocational training such as fashion designers, hair dressing etc, because we believe that when those youth are engaged they will not want to involve themselves in evil devices, because an idle mind is the devil’s workshop, it will also stop the issue of unemployment in this vicinity.

Ikosi-Isheri LCDA have experienced a lot of development since her Mayoress came in January, during this COVID-19 issues, we have been giving palliatives across all aboard, such as the artisan, market Women, NURTW, widow and religions houses are not left out, and within a period of her been here as the Chairman of this local government, she has been able to construct and rehabilitate about 7 roads in Ikosi Isheri area, among the roads are; Aromolate Road, linking Shangisha Magodo road, Oshinowo Street, Femi Okun Street among others to make the movement of the residents in that area easy.

The major challenges we are having is fund, if we have mush fund we should be able to do more, what could have also be our major challenges during the start of the COVID-19 was in the area of the (GOOD) Bad boys in this area, But Her Mayoress, The Chairman invited them first and take care of them, these danced the pressure we could have been having in this community, so when the issue of 1million boys arises they were the one that is now guarding the community asking the people to sleep with their two eyes closed, so everywhere was so calm till know.

The lockdown is not been manage well, the government could have look into 3 factors in this trying times, firstly is Poverty rate in the country, secondly is Ignorance and thirdly is Negligent, those are the 3 factors that contributed to the issue at hand, we should also look into the spiritual aspect of all this issues because things like this has happened in the past, there is nothing on earth were we exist that have not been touched by the scripture, In both the bible and the Quran, said when there is any outbreak in a particular area the people leaving in that area should remain there and they should not allow people outside to come in.

Total lockdown will ground our economy, what we should be thinking now is remedy to the situation on ground, take for example, original honey was said to cure 1,000 known and 1,000 Unknown diseases, that is making 2,000 diseases, what we have here is just one sickness, another thing is black seed, it is also said that what black seed cannot cure is Old age and Death, it cannot stop you from getting old and it cannot stop you from dying when the time comes.

Look at the issue of Oyo State governor for example, Governor Seyi Makinde, when he tested positive to COVID-19, he went on self isolation and after a week he came out and tested Negative to COVID-19, when he was asked how comes, he said I took care of myself with honey and black seed oil, then why the lock down?

The state Government should encourage our traders to go into the sale of Original honey and black seed with that they can also generate money to the state by paying their 7% vat, people from the isolation centre are saying there is really no medicine for the cure.

Look at our oil market, the price has gone down both locally and internationally, a lot of our oil is on the sea, nobody to buy them, no consumption because there is no demand.

My advice to the federal government is that they should key into the Original honey and Black seed for the treatment of this COVID-19, and share it freely to the public, God has giving us the guard and direction to the sustenance of our system in life, until we follow God instruction, we may not get there.

Most journalist are the cost of many havoc happening in the world, they are not been truthful, they do not handle issues from the angle they are first suppose to handle it, most of them don’t talk base on Ideology and philosophy, ignoring God first, they must learn to see issues from God angle first before adding the human angle to it.

The Chairman, Ikosi-Isheri Local Council Development Area, Her Mayoress, Princess Abolanle Bada, for the short period of time she has used in here in this office

I am giving her 90%, she is bringing everybody on board unless you decide that you want to be left alone, she has saddled me with many responsibility and I Thank God for that, she is so encouraging, unless you don’t want to work, she is caring, she is someone that came to teach us governance, other Local government are always asking of the magic she is performing in Ikosi-Isheri and some are even asking , where is she getting money from, when what they received monthly is what she is also receiving. Once more I give 90% to her, he concluded.


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