Nigerian Lawmaker, Jaha Apologises For Saying Indecent Dressing Causes Rape


House of Representatives member, Ahmed Jaha (APC-Borno), has apologised for comments he made at Thursday’s plenary.

Speaking to newsmen on Saturday, Jaha recalled saying women should dress properly to avoid harassment from men who could not control themselves.

Jaha, who represents Chibok, Damboa, Gwoza Federal Constituency of Borno, said he regretted making such a statement.

“I have made a mistake that has offended the sensibilities of fellow Nigerians and indeed, fellow human beings, particularly women who are our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters”, NAN quoted him as saying.

“While I totally reaffirm my position that rapists should face death sentences I regret the part that talks about the dressing of women. I deeply apologise because as some have rightly argued, my comments could imply that women who are victims, share the blame of being raped.”

The lawmaker explained that this could not have been his intention as he had suggested death penalty for rapists.

Jaha said there were three sets of people who never made mistakes.

He listed them as “the dead, those incapacitated and those that are healthy, but useless to the society”.

The Reps member added that a woman’s choice of dressing could not justify rape.

He noted that if women show discipline by looking away when men were not well dressed, men should even do better.

Jaha said he has benefited from the sincerity and commitment of women.

The lawmaker said he holds women “with the highest respect, with great pride and with so much love that is pure and responsible”.

He apologised to his colleagues, constituents and everyone and called for the domestication of Violence Against Persons and Prohibition Act and other relevant laws.


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