Two Weeks After: Ogun Cases Of Virus Soared High

Board Chairman of the Corporate Affairs Commission/ Ogun State Governor, Dapo Abiodun

In less down two weeks after Gov Dapo Abiodun relaxed the COVID-19 lockdown in Ogun, cases of the virus has soared at an alarming rate. 

Last week, the state recorded 34 cases in one day, being the highest it has ever recorded as at then. 

But, residents of the state were taken by surprise when the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) announced last night that Ogun State has a total of 108 cases in Tuesday alone. Isn’t that alarming? 108!

People could not understand how the state arrived at that figure. However, it is a pointer to the fact that community transmission of Coronavirus might be getting out of hand. 

It is also an indication that the lockdown relaxation is having its effect on the spread of the virus. 

For almost four weeks, Governor Dapo Abiodun did not want to relax the Coronavirus lockdown in Ogun. 

The Governor was not pleased with fact that the people are flouting the restriction orders, especially the ban on interstate travel. 

This time, with the lockdown relaxation, the people of Ogun State no longer wear face masks. They now gather in markets everyday for their usual daily activities without any respect for social distancing.

I asked and Okada rider yesterday why he was not wearing a face mask and all he could said was that “there is no more Coronavirus.”

This is what the governor was avoiding initially when he kept postponing the lockdown.

He said at a press briefing that immediately the economy is declared open, people will believe the virus is no more. 

The government of Ogun State needs to rise up to nip the community spread of Coronavirus in the bud before things get out of hand. We cannot afford to go the way of Lagos. We don’t even have the capacity. This is a state where doctors are threatening to go on strike.

There may be the need to lockdown the state once again to keep it on people’s mind that the virus is still very much around. It is very disheartening when you hear people saying Coronavirus has gone. Something needs to be done and it must be done urgently. 

By the time government does contact tracing of the newly confirmed 108 cases, only God knows what we should be expecting. 

Don’t you think another lockdown is knocking at the door? 

Should government continue with the decision to reopen churches and mosques in Ogun next week? 

Should the economy be declared open fully? 

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