Exposed: Ojudu Reveals Fayemi’s Relationship With Atiku To Weaken APC


The Governor of Ekiti State, Dr. Kayode Fayemi has been accused of operating a hidden agenda to destroy the fabrics of the ruling party, All Progressives Party (APC) in Ekiti State to fuel his ambition to second a candidate of the People’s Democratic Party for Presidency come 2023.

This was made known in a recent media chat with the Special Assistant to the President on Political matters, Chief Babafemi Ojudu, an Ekiti Son too, who bared fangs on recent development as regards Fayemi.

“I’ve never seen that kind of ambition before, granted, every human being should be ambitious but then if you want to aim to be the president of Nigeria, you must have been known to have done something good. If you govern Ekiti and turn all the roads in Ekiti to something that has never been seen before and you are providing water for everyone living in Ekiti, you’ve employed almost everybody in Ekiti, the place is looking good and clean, then Nigerians can say this man has done something spectacular, come and govern us!

That is why he is now trying to bring down the party, of recent, I learnt that his dream now is to be a running mate to Atiku, the meetings he’s been having trying to break the party so that he can leave the party and join Atiku to become his running mate come 2023. It is wrong, you don’t destroy the ladder that brings you up, you don’t!, Ojodu said.

Speaking on several issues, the former senator revealed that the Ekiti State Governor, who was brought into the Nigerian politics by himself and a number of other prominent personalities, had become more of a betrayer than any other. Ojudu said Fayemi in what he described as petty and pedestrian, had just very recently sent thugs to his house to harass the house staff and dumped some few bags of rice.

The incident, he said was in response to having criticized the Fayemi administration expressing his worry that despite the trust reposed on the Governor, there has been nothing positive so far for the State from the Fayemi Government. The Former senator also harped much on what he described as Governor Fayemi’s selfish style of Governance while hinting at the Governor’s destructive ambition:

“Nothing, he has done nothing in the State! I have granted interviews on the radio and Television, I have written it down, nothing has happened and that gets us worried as politicians of Ekiti state. During his first coming, this is how he did the same thing and that was how we lost election. So this time we are not going to keep quiet, we are going to continue to point out his misdeeds hoping and believing that he will initiate calls and correct himself and if he doesn’t, we are already letting the people of Ekiti state know that it is not a collective thing; that he is the only one ruling the state and the only one managing the affairs of the party but very soon, we are going to take our party away from him.

So we are appealing to Ekiti, we made a mistake bringing him, we made a mistake voting for him and we are apologizing to the people of Ekiti and this is not going to happen again. All of the misdeeds that he has committed, someone else that will become the Governor of Ekiti state will right them and bring Ekiti at par with other states in Nigeria in terms of development.”

“He (Fayemi) wants to become the only tree in Ekiti forest and all of us should be grass in that forest to be trampled upon. He is the one mobilizing resources and funds to remove the party Chairman, (Comrade Adams Oshiomhole) Everybody knows, Oshiomhole has called him out, party members have to kept pushing that man and he (Obaseki) being inexperienced, look at where it has led him.

Again not because of the good of our party nor the good of our country but just because he wants to become the president of our country”, declared Ojudu.

As at the time of filing this report however, all attempts to reach the Governor or those close to him including the SSG had yielded no results as none have responded to either messages or calls.


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