Revealed! Why Tinubu Could Not Trust Hakeem Ajasa As Oniru Of Iruland


…Fmr Gov Destablises Abisogun Family

Oniru Land may have gotten a new king in the person of Prince Gbolahan Lawal, but the wounds created by the grand plot of how Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu schemed out Hakeem Ajasa, the choice candidate for the throne, are yet to heal.

Though, Lawal has spent three weeks on the throne, the disaffection created among the Abisogun family by his imposition has continued to rage thereby splitting family members.

A close family source told Thehint that Tinubu from the onset was uncomfortable with the choice of Ajasa, when he was informed of plans to install him as the next Oniru.

Tinubu was said to have immediately called for separate meeting with Ajasa and then a larger meeting with the kingmakers in the Abisogun family at his Bourdillon residence where he admitted to them that he does not trust Ajasa to ascend the throne as the new Oniru due to the many investments he has in that area and he did not trust Ajasa to oversee those investments.

Thehint also gathered that Tinubu became uncomfortable after he learnt that Ajasa may go to court when he is installed as the new Oniru to challenge the ownership of Eko Atlantic City,

Tinubu was also concerned that his 2023 presidential ambition, which the Chagoury Brothers, a major stakeholder in the multi billion dollars Eko Atlantic City Project, are said to have agreed to finance could be threatened if a new Oniru not subservient to him emerges.

The Chagoury brothers were also said to have expressed reservations to Tinubu, saying that they could not trust any other person except Gbolahan Lawal, the present Oniru.

“It is not a hidden fact that the Chagoury brothers own multi billion dollars investment across the Victoria Island and Oniru axis and therefore could not trust anyone not close to Tinubu with their fortune. Hence, Tinubu insisted that Ajasa cannot ascend the throne,” the source said.

Aware of Tinubu’s fears, Ajasa reminded the APC National Leader that he has always been loyal to him and also pursued and championed his interests all these while and there was no reason to believe that he would do otherwise when he emerges as the new Oniru.

But Tinubu would not bulge and therefore insisted that the Abisogun family go and present another candidate as his mind was made up on Ajasa.

Sources told this medium that contrary to news making rounds that Tinubu rejected Ajasa due to his closeness with Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, it was far beyond that.

“Tinubu’s plot therefore was to divide the family by bringing in Abiodun Ajasa, elder brother to Hakeem Ajasa and made him the arrow head of the plot to destabilize the family by doling out large sum of money.

“Apart from that, Tinubu allegedly blackmailed the Abisogun family to yield to his dictates. He told them that if they refuse to abide by his dictates, he will give the crown to Segun Oniru. Left with no choice, the Abisogun family capitulated to his wimps and caprices.

“Meanwhile, Abiodun and Olaseni Ajasa who are brothers of Hakeem Ajasa did not tell the latter what was going on behind closed doors with Asiwaju. Hakeem was said to have found out only after the booty had been shared by Abiodun with the Abisogun family members who were in on the plot.”

Sources also confirmed that the two disgruntled members of the family One Alhaji Abiodun Ajasa and One Olaseni Ajasa were used to cause disaffection between the larger Abisogun family, while those loyal to Hakeem were unhappy with the turn of events and said that ‘Eyin ku le l’ota wa, inu ile l’ase ni n gbe (The enemy is always outside, but the orchestrator is within the house).

“Tinubu has succeeded in using his position, money and power to destroy Abisogun Ruling family and to create discord in Abisogun family. He should know that there is God in heaven and everything in life is transient and the Yorubas say that amoda tifi owo ba ebi je. (Tinubu has used money and power to destroy the Abisogun family).

Hakeem Ajasa, the source said spent a fortune in his bid to convince the family of his suitability for the throne also gave a lot of money and vehicles to the kingmakers.

“He spent millions of Naira yet he was dumped all of a sudden,” the source said.

The installation of Lawal it was learnt has left many people aggrieved.

“The Iru community, Isale-Eko community and Igbosere community are unhappy with what Tinubu is doing. It had made them realise that there is still a long way to go in Lagos to gain what truly belongs to them.”

Oba Gbolahan Lawal, it was also learnt, is only related to the Ajasa family through his mother and it’s only through the father lineage that one can ascend to the throne.

Another source said a prominent member among the kingmakers of the Abisogun ruling family confronted Tinubu that the family is ready to make an undertaking that nothing will happen to his investment under the leadership and watch of Ajasa as Oniru .

Despite the appeal of this notable kingmaker, Tinubu became visibly angry and insulted the whole Abisogun family. He said his wealth is more than that of the whole kingmakers. He also boasted of being the owner of Eko Atlantic, an investment, that is according to him, bigger than their family.

“Truly, this is an oppression of the highest order! Lagos cannot breath and the entire Iru community is crying for help so that they can breath”, the source said.