Pastor Okotie Attacks Bill Gates Of America


The Senior Pastor of the Household of God Church International Ministries, Rev. Chris Okotie, has condemned United States (U.S.) billionaire an0d Microsoft founder Bill Gates over his alleged role in the COVID-19 pandemic.

The cleric, in an 80-minute video, released early on Sunday on YouTube, accused Gates of leading a global conspiracy to destabilise the world economy and execute a satanic agenda against the church.

He claimed that the COVID-19 pandemic was a bizarre project conceived by the billionaire, in association with some powerful elements in the multilateral institutions and supported by key leaders of governments around the world, to achieve sinister objectives.

Rev. Okotie listed these objectives as, a systematic reduction of the world population through the increasing COVID-19 deaths, enforcement of a global lockdown to ruin the economies of nations and impoverish the people and frustrate true worship of the Living God.

To back up this grave allegation, the cleric quoted diverse scriptures and, in his usual biblical exposition of complex doctrines, explained from the Gates family tree, how the Billionaire figures in Satan’s end-time assault on the church.

He used biblical numerology to explain the names of three generations of the Gates family vis-à-vis their scriptural equivalents and their roles in the dispensational dealings of God with man.

Rev. Okotie explained how the roles of various key Bible characters like the Lord Jesus Christ, Adam, Eve, Solomon, David, Daniel and an event like Sodom and Gomorrah percolate down to the operations of Satanic forces in this age, including the rise of the LGBT.

The pastor posited that the vaccine being developed to check the spread of COVID-19 is a red herring meant to disguise the real sinister intentions of the purported antidotes for the pandemic, which he said, could ultimately cause death on a mass scale.