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It is almost impossible to meet beautiful plus-size actress, Moji Oyetayo and not stare at her. The talented role interpreter fondly called ‘Mo hips’ by her friends in a chat with Saturday Beats, said she is used to people opening their mouths when they set their eyes on her.

Hear her, “I am used to people staring at me. I am used to people talking whenever they see me. I am used to people opening their mouths when they see me. I am also used to people smiling and blowing me kisses. Sometimes I really can do without the attention, when you are not just in a good mood. I am proud of the way I am. I am a disciplined person. When it comes to male admiration, I appreciate them and move on. But you will not see me with this male today and another tomorrow. I am not one of such women. I am very strict”.

Asked the importance of multiple streams of income for artistes and how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected her, she said, “In as much as I haven’t been working which is the general story of an actor, the grace of God has been there for me. You know with my size, it’s difficult for you to see the effect of COVID-19 on me. I have started selling in order to have aside income.

“One means of income cannot sustain us as artistes. It is extremely important for entertainers to have other streams of income. You cannot bank on your income as an entertainer. You can work today and not work tomorrow. On the flip side, you can work for the next three months back-to-back. Any actor without side income will run into troubled waters”.

On if she can date a fan, Oyetayo said she can if he meets her expectations. “Fans are human beings. I can If the fan is within my expectations. What are my expectations? I like a God-fearing person, I like someone with a lot of respect. I cannot stand disrespectful people”.

The first female chairman of the Lagos chapter of the Actors Guild of Nigeria added that she has always been proud of her stature.

“I have always been proud of my size. I am one of those plus- size individuals confident about how they look. Not only do I like the way I look, I like the way I sound. I have never had one of those issues, I have always understood how to dress to make my size look flattering”.

Oyetayo also urged plus-size women to take their personal hygiene seriously. “Take your hygiene seriously, hygiene is everything. Then dress the way you want to be addressed. Whether you cover your body as a plus-size female or not, a man’s imagination will run wild seeing you”.also produced movies like ‘Omi Ipin,’ ‘Imi Esin’ and ‘Ogun Omo Iya le’, which Adedokun said was her last work.

Source: The PUNCH


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