Cultists Clash Turns Bloody, Robs Residents In Ajah, Eti Osa Community


The residents of Langbasa in Ajah, Oke ira, Owode and other area at Eti Osa community experienced an unpeaceful weekend over cultists fight that further generated to robbery in the community.

This bloody crisis started between the Aye and Eiye fraternity group. According to Mr Lanre, a cab operator who is an eye witness, the clash was more or less like watching a James bond movie in the cinema.

He said, “It was a black day in that area when the cultists began to rob people In open places like supermarkets, parks and eventually went away with people belongings and money.

“I was with a malam who shines shoe, waiting for my customer and suddenly heard gun shot around Oke Ira area and people started running for their life. I watched them from my hide out.”

He noted that the timely intervention of Nigeria Army and Langbasa Police station lead to the arrest of some of the criminals and killing of their gang leader, popularly called KOLOKOLO, who first reported to have open fire at Police men but later got killed in the process.

According to eye witness,who said the DPO of Langbasa Police station, CSP Segun Abifarin, said one of the cultists called ALOMA was badly injured with bullet but escaped in the process.

The DPO swang into action and led a patrol team across the community, with the effort of his team, they were able to flush them out of their hideout and arrested the criminals”.

Meanwhile, Alhaji Olafathia also gave kudos to the police DPO, Abifarin and his team for a job well done, but got worried that the court may eventually free the criminals to disturb people’s peace in the community, In what he termed as a lawless country.


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