BBNAIJA2020: See Two Housemates That Might Be Evicted On Sunday


Big brother Naija 2020 edition tagged ‘Big Brother Naija Lockdown Edition’ has been considered as one show everyone wants to see, it gets the eyes of everyone glued to it, especially in this season when work has not fully resumed due to Covid-19.

It’s a show that is fun to watch, the love, the fight, the party, the several kind of characters in people are the side attractions.

As much as #BBnaija2020 is fun to watch, there is always a particular day that always hit people hard, it is the day of eviction, it’s always a Sunday.

So far, four housemates have been evicted from #BBnaija2020and their names are Katrina, Lilo, Eric and Tochi, it broke down their fans as they never thought they wouldn’t be seeing them on their screen again.

It’s a game, someone must win and someone must lose, the next eviction will be talking place again on Sunday and be rest assured that tears would flow again.

Amongst #BBnaija2020 housemates right now, according to Osho Oluwatosin, these two housemates are likely to be the ones that will be packing their bags from the house:

1 Prince : No doubt, He is very popular, he has a fine face, he is fun to be with but one day, all this would end for him in the house and that day could be Sunday.

Before you roast me, let us consider some reasons behind my position on this matter.

BBNaija is about who gives the most content, It’s about who people talk about the most, for you as a housemate to attain this, you need to get involved in several things, you need to be the talk of the town with your activities but to me, Prince doesn’t have the content to keep him in the house,  He doesn’t get talked about every time unlike some other housemates.

I’m not saying for sure that he will be evicted but it’s most likely he gets evicted on Sunday.


2 Brighto: The Evangelist himself! Bright is just one funny human being in that house, he cares less about some of the happenings in that house, he just minds his business sometimes, acts as a counselor to people who come to him, though most times, his counsels end up getting people in trouble, Laycon is a living  testimony.

Bright’s content don’t interest lot of people anymore, recently, Dorathy showed interest in him when they both talked about Kissing each other, this was a great content but it didn’t really live up to 24hours before it died down.

Bright might also be the one with the least vote on Sunday, How do I know? People are losing interest in him already, though his eviction isn’t for sure but It’s 70% going to happen.


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