Rape Suspect Caught On CCTV In Delta After Denying The Act


…Threatening To Sue His Victim, Her Family

Rape suspect caught on CCTV in Delta after denying the act and threatening to sue his victim and her family

A man who denied raping an 11-year-old girl and threatened to arrest her and her family members was exposed by CCTV footage.

The 30-year-old man allegedly assaulted the 11-year-old girl last Wednesday, August 13, when she went to use a convenience room. She emerged minutes later crying and saying she had been abused by the suspect.

However, the suspect, simply identified as Jomaph, denied it and threatened to take legal steps.

But a CCTV camera installed by a neighbour for business reportedly exposed him in the act, The Nation reports.

Police spokeswoman Onome Onowakpoyeya confirmed the incident on Tuesday August 18, noting that she was yet to get an official report on the incident.

“The incident happened,” she said, adding, “They said, initially, the man denied, until they brought the CCTV footage and he owned up.”


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