Helicopter Crash: Doctors Waited For Police Report Till Victim Died


Lagas was thrown into grief yesterday after a helicopter crashed into a building in Opebi.

According to information, two of the crew members died while the pilot was seriously injured and was rushed to hospital.

However, A friend of Captain Chika Ernest, who was the third victim to die has revealed what happened when the pilot was rushed to the hospital.

The helicopter belonging to Quorom Aviation, crashed into a private building at 16A Salvation road, Opebi in Lagos, at about 12pm on Friday. There were three crew members in the helicopter that flew into Lagos from Rivers state.

According to his friend, Gloria Ugolee who is a sister to media personality, Emmanuel Ugolee, said the pilot died at the hospital after he was allegedly denied treatment because the hospital was waiting for a police report.

She also revealed that late Chika emptied his fuel tank before crashing into the wall so as to avoid an explosion.

she wrote:

“Captain Chika Ernest, Pilot of the plane crash in our Opebi, Lagos this afternoon. He emptied the fuel tank to avoid explosion on impact, he crashed on a fence avoiding the roofs and house. Always looking out for others.

My brother and friend since primary school, said he was in pH just this week, and now he is gone. Taken to the hospital but after taking all the videos for social media, they waited for police report until he died. I miss you is an understatement. John11:23-25 my only consolation.”


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