All You Need To Know About Jeva Store


Jeva Store is on online store set to launch in Nigeria in October. Jeva Store was established in order to play a pivotal role in the development of the e-commerce industry in Nigeria. With a large part of the population shifting to online purchase, Jeva store hopes to transform the consumer experience to a more positive one.

Here is a step by step guide on how to become a Jeva Store vendor and various products you can sell on the platform. As a vendor, the Jeva Store platform gives you an opportunity to market and boost your brand to millions of people across different states in Nigeria.

Things To Consider Before Knowing How To Sell On Jeva Store

Jeva Store has various conditions one has to meet before able to sell on the platform;

You Should Have Brand New Products

Jeva Store doesn’t accept the sale of used or refurbished products, meaning you can only list new products. Also ensure that the products you plan to sell are not on Jeva Store’s list of banned and restricted products.

You Should be an Authorized Seller of a Brand

In the case of branded products, ensure you’re an authorized seller of that particular brand either by licensing or by trademarks. This is to protect the both the seller and the brand owner.

Benefits of Selling on Jeva Store

How do you stand to benefit by selling on Jeva Store? Below are four reasons to keep you motivated:

Free Vendor Training: Jeva Store offers free vendor training. Jeva Store training sessions provide adequate information on the Jeva Store vendor center, how to list your products, how to boost sales, product photography and packaging how to create creative and professional content for products etc. The best part is the training are free.

More Reach: Jeva store provides access to all active internet and online shoppers in Nigeria. Hence sellers get to advertise their products nationwide. This is your big chance to advertise your products to millions of buyers every month.

No Maximum Upload Limit: On Jeva Store, you can list as many items as you want, since there’s no maximum limit. Plus, the platform takes care of maintenance fee, listing fee, and other unprecedented expenses.

Hassle-Free: Jeva Store makes selling pretty simple. The only things you need to do is complete the registration process, list your products, and you’re all set.

How To Sell On Jeva Store

Step 1: Visit Go to “Vendor Center” at the top right of the website.

Step 2: Go to Register and select the option that best suites you

Step 3: Fill in the form accurately with your prospective shop details and submit

Step 4: Fill in appropriate financial information then submit

Step 5: Fill in your appropriate shop information. Now your shop is ready. Go to the Dashboard

Click here to sign up and be on your way to becoming a Jeva Store millionaire partner

What Can You Sell on Jeva Store?

There are extensive categories of products you can sell. Below is a list of items that sell on Jeva Store:

Home and office Furnitures, Automobiles, large and small  home and office appliances, Musical Instruments, Foods Stuffs & Perishable Items, Sporting equipment, Health & Beauty products, Stationaries, Electronic gadgets (Phones, Laptops, tablets and Computers), Fashion (Women, Men and Kids), Baby Products (Apparel, Accessories, Diapering, Toys, Feeding, Bathing & Skin Care), Gaming (Play-station and Xbox), Supplements and Pharmaceuticals, Others (Toys, Games, Books, Pets Supplies, Spices) etc.

Jeva Store Commission fee

Jeva Store doesn’t charge sellers for registration. Jeva Store only charges sellers when they make a sale. New sellers get 50% discount on commission rates for the first 30 days following registration. The main commission rate is based on the revenue share agreement the seller has with Jeva Store.

Selling on Jeva Store comes with many more benefits such as ease of product delivery to client, 24/7 customer support, lowest commission rate in the industry, convenient product management and data analysis and marketing. Are you a vendor of any of the listed products? Don’t miss out on this, register now and enjoy the benefits that comes with Jeva Store.


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