Beyond Prophecies, 15 Hidden Things About Primate Elijah Ayodele Exposed


It seems the leader of INRI Evangelical church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has several things hidden about him that people don’t know.

Some only see his prophecies, but some of the personal characters he has are not known.

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This publication however did a dipper dig about the prophet and below are 15 distinct things about him

1 Primate Ayodele works as an usher, gateman in his church sometimes.

2 Unlike some, Primate Ayodele doesn’t preach in his church on all Sundays, most of the times, he preaches on Tuesdays and had over the Sundays to his pastors

3 Primate Ayodele holds six services on Sundays, three for the church services, while the remaining three  is for meeting church members personally, hereby dedicating time for them.

4 Primate Ayodele  stands for his church members always

5 Primate Ayodele gives food to the needy every first Sunday in his church. According to our investigation, on every first Sunday, nothing less than 6,000 people attend his church

6 Also, On every 1st Friday, he gives food to the widows, orphans and the vulenerable, little wonder he has a foundation ; INRI widows foundation

7 Primate Ayodele, though very jovial doesn’t tolerate nonsense especially when it has to do with the things of God

8 Primate Ayodele is very vocal and speaks out without mincing words or fear against the ills of the society

9 He has gained more lovers through his prophetic statements.

10 Primate Ayodele’s church is a white garment church but it is totally different from C & S.

11 He doesn’t bring family affairs into the church affairs at all

12 Primate Ayodele doesn’t know or have an idea of the church financial standing because he gave the responsibility to someone else

13 Primate Ayodele is very interested in human building, He loves to build people from scratch till they become successful

14 He preaches truth, baptism, and holy spirit

15 Primate Ayodele is one of the most generous prophet in the country, yet doesn’t publicize the things he gives out.


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