Breaking! Activists Protesting Peacefully Against Petrol Price Hike Arrested


As usual, the riotous policemen of the unrepentant ancient Tyrant, Buhari, waylaid and arrested on lawson road, Ojuelegba, Lagos, activists that participated in a well received peaceful protest by Nigerians before it was illegally disrupted by riotous security agency

Activists drawn from many Socialist organizations, human rights /pro-democracy groups that participated in today’s JAF mobilisation and sensitization rally were hauled into four Area C Police Command vans by fully armed terror police led by their arrogant crude leader who behaved like AL-Mustapha of the Abacha draconian regime.

We call on all discerming Nigerians, activists, pro-democracy lawyers/groups labour and the international community to demand for the release of our comrades.

Protest is not a privilege but a fundamental human right. Say NO to Tyranny, Say NO to Market Forces & daily hike in petrol price & electricity tarrif.
Solidarity for Ever!

Some of the activists arrested: Aremson, Chike, Soweto, Dagga Tolar, Ade Sahara, Mrs Basirst Ogunlana, Mrs Goke Akinrogunde, Sina Odugbemi, Pelad,, and a host of other comrades whose names will be published soon.


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