Minister Stripped Ladies Naked For Five Thousand Naira Theft


Ladies stripped naked for five thousand naira theft.
Former minister of Education Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi who own Robinson Plaza Warri Deco road, Delta StateFederal Republic of Nigeria, a business mogul, a governorship hopeful in Delta State, allegedly stripped his staff naked on account of #5,000.00 theft, but refuted by the victims that it was a gift to them by a customer.

The climax of it all is that
He stripped them naked, and asked his 15 years old son to film them. The respected citizen went further to cease their ATMs, withdrew their monies, invited police officers from Ebrumede station to arrest them. He also threatened to make life miserable for them.
Until the masses rise up against oppressive leaders and wealth owners, injustice will persist.
Human right activists, where are you? Take up this matter!


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