Some people in life use their own hands to destroy their lives and at the end of the day blame the devil for their demise. From the beginning of Maureen Badejo’s allegations, I had begged her to stop, repent and apologize, she refused. In pride, arrogance, and ignorance, abused me and did series of shows that put her in a compromising situation.

First of all, this lady ran a race with a bunch of people whom some of them were thrown out of MFM or left MFM for dubious reasons, and without verifying the facts of the stories she was fed with by the people planning to cause havoc in the ministry by any means possible, went on a blabbing spree. And immediately, she noticed her financial gains from the rise of her sudden fame by making MFM and Olukoya her subject matter. She threw out the breaks of her motto mouth.
Today she has put herself in big trouble with men, and I can also say with God because Dr. D.k Olukoya from what I have perceived so far about him is a true man of God.

Below are a few reasons why Maureen Badejo will go to jail and I am suspecting that most of her informants will go with her too because she will definitely involve them when the poop hits the fan.

Below are a few reasons why Maureen Badejo may end up in JAIL!

Flouting a perpetual injunction right from the first day
Thinking voice transcripts of callers can be used as evidence (and of course we will know that most of the caller was arranged)
Lambasting and ridiculing the Nigerian judge and judicial system.
The fact that the Uk and Austrian court confirmed that the Nigerian judge was right
Ignorance of perpetual injunction by not removing her former posts. The injunction affects anything about Dr. Dk Olukoya that can still be accessed on her site
Mfm is already filling for contempt of court both in Nigeria and the Uk
She claimed that she makes 150m Naira a month in the last two years and brags that she will not pay court fines.
I believe you all can attest to it that Maureen Badejo lacks self-control and discipline. She obviously started this Journey so she can end In the gallows. If you noticed when most bloggers are sued they take down all posts that caused them troubles.

I hope you can get out of this.
Femi Oyewale


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