Don’t Give Up – Kumuyi Urges Nigerians


The founder and General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor William Kumuyi, Sunday urged Nigerians not to give up on the country, saying Nigeria would fly again.

Kumuyi spoke after a special Sunday service as part of the ongoing six-day ‘Soaring Above’ crusade in Abuja and the 19 northern states via Zoom and other social media platforms.

The cleric said Nigerians should not give up on their country “but should believe that things will get better when they focus on God and do that which God expects from them by loving each other and making use of the resources God has blessed the nation with.”

He said, “What God does for an individual, He does it for the family, and what He does for the community, He can do for the country.

“The point is the people that received His divine touch did not give up; they knew that God could still do something. The country would have to adopt that same mindset; stop accusing this and that. While we are pointing accusing fingers, we are trying to say let you be on your own and let me be on my own; let the East go and let the West go, and this one go.

“If we are thinking like that, we will not get the solution God wants to give us, but when we have hope, things are going to change, our God has the possibility to make things change. I believe that we will fly again.’’

While noting the report that Nigeria was now the world’s poverty headquarters despite the nation’s rating as a praying nation, the cleric said prayers can only be answered by God when there were positive talks and actions.


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