Niger Crisis: “We Don’t Need War, But Unity” -Prophet Godwin Ikuru


President of Jehovah Eyes Salvation Ministry, Prophet Godwin Ikuru, has called on the chairman of ECOWAS, president, Bola Tinubu to work towards restoring unity in Africa, especially in Niger than pushing for war.

According to him, the ECOWAS president should act with wisdom because Nigeria is the heart of Africa. “There is something God wants to do in Africa. And this is the power of unity,”

Revealing what God told him, he said, “At this time, when I was praying, I saw a power of unity trying to move around Africa. God is about to restore Africa to a success global land.

“Nigeria, especially, is going to benefit from the global impact that is coming.

“Russia would soon be humbled. And the world power would soon humble to Africa because africa would soon become the means and the source for them to reign and for them to stand stronger,”

Adding he said, “The issues of Niger, needs wisdom to act and God is saying that wisdom must be put in place.

“The young man who is in power right now, is being controlled by the spirit of pride so the elders who are older than him should act with patients. They all need the spirit of patience to make sure they can win this battle.

“God is saying something, and it is when everyone goes to prayers that you can hear him clearly. If you are a Muslim, go to prayer and seek the face of God, if you are a Christian, go to prayer and seek the face of God.”


He re-emphasized again that Africa needs peace, “Number one, it is Peace that will need in Africa. Africa is a home that everyone wants to live in.

“As we speak, we know that the trumma of the ECOWAS which is Ahmed Bola Tinubu is a man who has built Lagos from nowhere to somewhere. He is a man who acts with wisdom and with knowledge.

“I want to commend him, that he built Lagos from nothing to something, and Lagos has become an attraction of the world today, they are issues that happened in Lagos that would have caused war but you used wisdom and diplomacy to calm it.

“That’s to say that you becoming a ECOWAS chairman and you are a president of the federal republic of Nigeria it means that your wisdom is needed to act at this time to make sure that you unite the people,”

“When others are angry, you don’t need to be angry you have to reason and seek the face of God first because God is happy when there is peace but, he becomes angry when there is war. So, war is not needed. We don’t need war, we need unity. Mr president, you have to take time for peace to reign,” he advised.


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